Requirements for Reimbursements

Note: Subgroups are free to add additional requirements that are more strict than the ones outlined below.

Minimally, the following requirements must be met in order to be reimbursed by Fedora:

  • You must have permission from a part of Fedora that authorizes spending money. The Budget Team does not authorize spending money, we only manage the reimbursement process. Teams authorizing spending are groups such as the Fedora Council, Mindshare, and Diversity and Inclusion. You should share your idea with them and get approval from them.

  • You typically have to write an event/activity report of some form. This will be detailed by the group that approves your funding, but this is something the budget team will typically look for.

Getting your Reimbursement

Fedora processes almost all reimbursements in one of three ways. Carefully review these and ensure you can make use of one of them before you spend money. See below for more details and for information about what to do if these ways don’t work.

  • - Preferred method

    Paypal reimbursements require us to have your PayPal email address. We try to send the money via "Send to a Friend" so that the Project pays any fees and penalties accessed by Paypal. If we can’t send it with the fees paid by Fedora we need you to tell us what the fees are for your country, with links, and we will gross up your reimbursement to cover them. We will send the money in your currency of choice, if possible. If not you will get USD. Red Hat employeess may not use this option.


    Transferwise reimbursements require us to have either the email address you have already registred with them or your account details. See the ticket template for details In some cases, even if you pre-register with we are required to get additional details from you. We send the money with all fees paid by the Project. We will send the money in your currency of choice, if possible. If not you will get USD. Red Hat employeess may not use this option.

  • Red Hat Internal Reimbursements

    Red Hat employees are required to use internal reimbursement procedures in almost all cases. Please contact the FCAIC for details.

How long does it take to get paid?

We try to pay all reimbursements within 2 weeks of the budget ticket getting opened and all information required received.

What about Currency Conversion?

We ask that you not convert currencies when you report your expenses. We do our work in your local currency when calculating the reimbursement. We try to pay all reimbursements in your preferred currency. When this isn’t possible we will work with you on currency conversion fees.